Big, Precise Machines for Big Precise Jobs
Accuracy is everything. Coil Steel Processing offers some of the most accurate, cut-to-length precision leveling services available in Northwest Ohio. This is a direct result of our two, Herr-Voss level lines, a Herr-Voss ¼” and Herr-Voss ½”.

Lost Time Means Lost Revenue
At CSP, we understand that our customers expect accurate, reliable and responsive turn-around times. That's why we are committed to maintaining our processing equipment to the highest standards possible. We perform regularly scheduled maintenance and overhauls ensuring we can meet our customers demanding quality and performance expectations.

Herr-Voss 1/4" Line


Running at a minimum gauge of .024 and a maximum gauge of .250, our 1/4" can process up to 50,000 lbs of coil.


Herr-Voss 1/2" Line


Our 1/2" can process up to 60,000 lbs of coil, and runs at a minimum gauge of .127 and a maximum gauge of .520.


Expert Leveling Services
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